Frequenzeinlauf #17 | Son of Kick im Weltecho Chemnitz

about SON OF KICK:

Producer, DJ, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Son Of Kick is making waves with his bumping, super-charged live set. A bass-feast packed full of electro, dubstep, heavy grooves and the insanely unpredictable. Catch him dropping acapella’s from Method Man or rocking snippets from the Violent Femmes alongside his own productions. On a playing field of his own right now, it wasfriend and vocalist RQM that recently coined his new ‘bass’ style, ‘Psychostep’.

about the organizer crew:
Frequenzeinlauf is about positive, deep vibes and about listening to the music we love at the highest volume possible. Frequenzeinlauf started as Dubstep and Darkstep Party, put up by Pocoloco and Chilling2k. One night at the Kode Dubstep, ReCire hooked up with Pocoloco and both decided to work together on creating and producing some tunes and developing the Frequenzeinlauf. We are only about the music. Nothing else concerns us.

So listen up producers out there: connect, send promos, share views, live dubstep.

Frequenzeinlauf is a collective of Pocoloco and Chilling2k from Chemnitz. ReCire from Berlin and Ingo as representative of the registered association “Ufer” and our main venue the Weltecho/ Chemnitz.

camera & editing: Thomas Siegel (